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Simplifying Regulations with Facility Legionella Risk Assessments

In facility management, staying on top of compliance and safety regulations is a challenge. Regulations like ACOP L8 and HSG274 can be difficult to understand without the correct knowledge or qualifications. At the same time, not following them exactly can result in unexpected and costly penalties and compromise the safety of all building users.

Guardian Hygiene Services focuses on helping you overcome these challenges. Our expertise lies in conducting comprehensive Legionella risk assessments in line with current regulations. We provide the knowledge and support necessary to ensure facilities can easily comply with ACOP L8, HSG274, and other relevant standards, offering peace of mind in a complex regulatory environment.

Speak to our specialist advisors to book a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment and keep facilities up-to-date with all regulatory requirements as soon as possible.

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    Why We Need to Comply

    Managing premises comes with a long list of regulations that need to be adhered to, each evolving constantly to reflect new health and safety standards. But the work around this is not just about understanding these rules; it’s about effectively implementing and continuously updating them across various facilities to ensure safety and legal adherence.

    Failing to comply with these regulations carries substantial risks. The most immediate is the health risk to occupants, but the implications extend further. Non-compliance can lead to legal actions, significant fines, and a tarnished reputation. In recent years, multiple leisure centres have been closed owing to compliance failures and the presence of Legionella bacteria and cases of Legionnaires disease – and have ended up in local and national media as a result.

    In facilities management, staying ahead of changes to regulations is crucial to avoid penalties, poor industry reputation, and to safeguard health and well-being. Ensuring up-to-date compliance is, therefore, not just a regulatory requirement, but a core aspect of responsible facility management.

    How to Comply With Legislation

    Risk Identification and Assessment:

    • Check for conditions conducive to Legionella growth, such as water temperatures between 20-45°C.
    • Identify potential sources of aerosol creation, like showers, which can disperse bacteria.
    • Consider if there are people at risk of exposure to contaminated aerosols, particularly those more susceptible to infection.

    Development of a Control Scheme:

    Create a plan to either prevent or control the identified Legionella risks.

    Implementation, Management, and Monitoring of Precautions:

    • Regularly monitor systems and control measures to ensure effectiveness. This includes monitoring general bacterial counts as an indicator of microbiological control.
    • Conduct Legionella sampling as a method to verify that the system is under proper control.

    Record Keeping:

    Maintain detailed records of all control measures and monitoring activities.

    Appointment of a Responsible Manager:

    Designate an individual who holds managerial responsibility for overseeing Legionella control measures.

    Additionally, it’s crucial to implement strategies that:

    • Prevent the multiplication of Legionella organisms within the water system.
    • Minimise exposure to water droplets and aerosol as much as reasonably practicable.

    To find out more about controlling health and safety in a workplace, please see our page on Law and Compliance, or speak to one of our specialists today.

    Our Compliance-Assured Legionella Risk Assessments

    Maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations is paramount. Guardian Hygiene Services recognises the challenges you face in this regard and offers a robust solution. Our comprehensive Legionella risk assessments are specifically designed to ensure your facilities meet the latest compliance standards.

    By conducting thorough evaluations of your water systems, we identify potential risks and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate them. Our assessments identify risks and allow us to help you implement strategies that keep facilities safe and compliant, no matter how diverse your site portfolio.

    Our Proven Expertise in Compliance

    Our team of professionals deeply understands all Legionella control regulations, including ACOP L8, HSG274, and HTM 04-01 (Healthcare). This is backed by rigorous training, industry accreditations from CHAS and the Legionella Control Association to name a few, and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest developments in our field.

    We have successfully partnered with numerous facilities and facilities management companies across the UK, making their journey to compliance smooth. Through our dedicated approach and technical expertise, we provide not just a service, but a partnership that you can rely on.

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    Our Legionella risk assessments include administrative assessments and physical assessments. After you have booked a date with us to have the assessment, our fully trained engineers will arrive to carry out:

    Administrative Checks

    • A meticulous review of your current records and previous assessment records
    • A consultation with all staff members involved in controlling the bacteria
    • A confirmation of management procedures and the presence of relevant paperwork
    • A risk-level assessment of people in the building (focusing on age and health considerations)

    Physical Checks

    • A physical inspection of your site’s hot and cold water systems, including temperature and sample-taking
    • A physical inspection of any place where aerosols have the potential to be made

    Once this is finished, our team will create and provide you with a full report of our findings. This will be sent to you in a PDF format, clearly written, to make explanations and advice easy to follow.

    Our management regulatory compliance system for monthly water checks will collect, store, analyse, and communicate Health, Safety and Environmental compliance records on demand. 

    Get Complete Peace of Mind with Full Compliance

    Ensuring compliance in facilities doesn’t have to be a daunting or difficult task. Guardian Hygiene Services is here to provide the expertise and support you need. With our comprehensive Legionella risk assessments and proven track record in compliance management, we offer the peace of mind that your facilities are meeting all health and safety regulations.

    Contact us to ensure that any facilities you manage are safe.

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