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Water Monitoring for Legionella

Legionella Monitoring Services Conducted by Experts for Effective Risk Management

Accurate Legionella monitoring is a critical control measure for any business or organisation that takes water system safety and compliance seriously.

Partnering with Guardian Hygiene Services for Legionella monitoring offers the benefits of expert guidance, automated digital reporting, and responsive support which facilitates quick action when issues arise.

Our certified Legionella monitoring comes as an ongoing service to supplement routine water testing programmes across various business sectors. No matter the requirements of your building or property, we are flexible in tailoring our monitoring services to accommodate your needs.

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    What is Legionella and Where is the Risk?

    Legionella bacteria is a type of bacteria that can spread in water systems and cause Legionnaires’ disease, a severe and potentially fatal form of pneumonia, when inhaled in droplets. Water systems that are typically at high risk of Legionella include:

    • Spa pools, hot tubs and swimming pools
    • Dental apparatus
    • Showers
    • Healthcare properties
    • Vehicle cleaning machines
    • Food manufacturing sites
    • Washing facilities
    • Industrial facilities like manufacturing sites

    In these water systems, regular assessments and monitoring are crucial for safeguarding occupants’ and employees’ health. 

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    After a facility has an initial Legionella risk assessment to identify potential water system hazards, implementing regular Legionella monitoring is the critical next component of establishing an effective risk control scheme. It enables the early identification of any Legionella hazards before they escalate into bigger risks.

    The frequency of monitoring required depends on the findings of a site’s Legionella risk assessment. For sites with complex water systems, monthly monitoring is often recommended, while lower-risk sites may only require quarterly or biannual visits.

    Guardian Hygiene Services provides fully customised Legionella monitoring programmes tailored to each client’s specific risk profile and needs, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

    Our Legionella Monitoring and Reporting Process

    At each scheduled visit, our engineers will conduct a full inspection following a custom protocol based on the risk assessment and prior results. This includes:

    • Checking water temperatures
    • Quality measurements
    • Equipment function 
    • Collecting new water samples for microbial analysis if needed

    Any issues or anomalies detected during monitoring inspections are documented through the web reporting system, including high-priority non-conformances that require immediate notification. After each visit, an automated Legionella monitoring results report is generated and sent to your designated contact.

    The easy-to-understand report summarises any non-conformances found, along with clear recommended corrective actions tailored to your specific water systems and facility. Our compliance team is available to explain details and ensure all remedial measures are implemented properly.

    picture of a legionella test sample in test tube

    Real-Time Visibility and Control

    We utilise an advanced web-based Legionella monitoring and compliance management system called ZetaSafe. This provides us with real-time visibility and control over the monitoring programme.

    Key features include:

    • Interactive dashboards with graphical reports on the latest results
    • Fully customisable alerts for parameter thresholds or trends
    • Automated, scheduled email reports to designated contacts
    • Full audit trail documenting all monitoring activities and results
    • Data analysis tools to proactively identify potential issues
    • Compliance calendar and task management functionality

    The ZetaSafe system enables 24/7 access to monitoring results from any internet-connected device. This means you can check the status of your water systems at any time and configure reports to focus on the most critical compliance data.

    Our experts regularly analyse the results to spot any concerning trends early and recommend enhancements to optimise the monitoring programme over time. The transparency of this web-based platform facilitates an ongoing collaborative partnership between us and our clients.

    Receive Ongoing Support for Legionella Control

    A key advantage of partnering with us for Legionella monitoring is the ongoing support provided by our compliance experts. Our ZetaSafe reporting system acts as a centralised communication hub to collaborate on optimising the monitoring programme.

    Our team is available to interpret results, explain technical concepts in easy-to-understand language, and provide guidance on addressing any non-conformances found during monitoring. For more complex remediation, we can connect clients with specialist disinfection contractors from our qualified supplier network.

    This ongoing partnership between our experts and your staff and personnel enables seamless, effective Legionella monitoring customised to your organisation’s specific risk profile and needs.

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    Get a Bespoke Quote for Legionella Monitoring Today

    We will assess your needs and risks to design a monitoring plan aligned with legal compliance requirements and your budget. Our nationwide accredited engineers use the latest methods and technology to provide efficient, effective ongoing Legionella control customised to your organisation.

    With decades of experience serving clients across multiple industries, Guardian Hygiene Services has the expertise to ensure your business remains safe and compliant at all times. Contact us today and protect your occupants, assets, and reputation from Legionella risks. 

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