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Essential Legionella Risk Assessments for Schools

Under the HSE’s Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, Legionella risk assessments in schools are a legal requirement. If you are responsible for health and safety in a school, you must ensure you are controlling the risks of exposure to this dangerous bacteria.

Guardian Hygiene Services are accredited members of the Legionella Control Association and provide comprehensive Legionella risk assessments for a wide variety of educational spaces including schools, colleges, and universities. We will get you legally compliant and secure the safety of your school’s students and staff.

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    Why Schools Need Legionella Risk Assessments

    What Is Legionella Bacteria and Why Is It a Risk in Schools?

    Legionella is a waterborne bacteria that can grow in any natural or purpose-built environment. It can grow and spread to dangerous levels when these conditions combine:

    • When temperatures are consistently between 20°C and 45°C
    • Flow of water is minimal and stagnation is common
    • Sediment, scale, debris, and bacteria are not frequently dealt with
    • There are many areas for aerosol release 

    When Legionella reaches dangerous levels, its release into the atmosphere happens via tiny water droplets known as aerosols. This could be spray or mist and splashing from taps. In harmful amounts, it can lead to serious lung infections for at-risk groups:

    • People aged 50 and over
    • Heavy smokers and drinkers
    • People with weakened immune systems
    • People with existing conditions like asthma

    The most serious illness is called Legionnaire’s disease. This is a form of pneumonia that can result in death. You must ensure all staff and students are protected from Legionella bacteria by ensuring a thorough risk assessment is completed by professionals. .

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    Trusted Legionella Professionals

    Test For Legionella in Care Homes

    Because the above conditions are so common, any hot and cold water system is at risk. Schools, colleges, and universities carry a higher risk for increased levels of Legionella because of the large number of water systems on-site. 

    Showers, sinks, water fountains, and air conditioning units are all breeding grounds for Legionella and operate with aerosol release as a necessity. As well as this, the age of the systems and the huge amount of people using facilities also increase the risks. 

    For these reasons, ensuring full Legionella risk assessments for schools is imperative.

    Who Is Responsible For Legionella Control in UK Schools?

    Owners, operators, facility managers, and anyone involved in health and safety have a duty of care and responsibility. For schools in local authority-maintained areas, it is the local authority’s responsibility to ensure Legionella risk assessments are completed and control schemes are in place. In academies and free schools, the board of governors or academy trusts have overall authority. 

    Within this, there can be a designated “responsible person”. This person must have adequate knowledge of water systems and the skill to carry out all the physical and administrative checks involved.

    For the greatest security and peace of mind, employ accredited professionals like those at Guardian Hygiene Services.

    Our Exhaustive Legionella Risk Assessments for Schools

    Our risk assessors are all members of, and hold accreditations with, Constructionline, CHAS, SafeContractor, and the BSI, as well as the Legionella Control Association. We are experienced in tailoring Legionella prevention and monitoring services to different educational spaces. 

    All assessments are carried out in line with government guidelines set out in ACOP L8 and HSG274, so you can be sure of complete compliance.

    We come to your facility at a time convenient to you to carry out a series of thorough physical and administrative checks:

    • Temperature checks with UKAS-calibrated thermometers at key points
    • Sample taking to send for Legionella testing in a UKAS laboratory
    • Inspecting and identifying all areas with the potential for aerosol release
    • Assessing water hygiene levels 
    • Reviewing your current and former paperwork
    • Overviewing and assessing your current Legionella management procedures

    Next Steps

    When we have the full results from tests and assessments, we collate these in a full report that contains all findings and analysis. We also include detailed guidance on remedial actions and include free, no-obligation quotes for recommended works.

    You can then take advantage of our full range of Legionella services for schools:

    Prevent Disease Outbreak: Book a Legionella Risk Assessment for Your School Now

    Guardian Hygiene Services are the trusted providers of Legionella risk assessments for schools. It is vital that staff and students are protected against the potentially fatal risks posed by the proliferation of Legionella bacteria.

    Get the greatest peace of mind by letting our accredited professionals take care of everything for you. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or fill out an enquiry form and ensure your school is safe.

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