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Guard Against Legionnairesā€™ Disease in Shropshire

Outbreaks of Legionnairesā€™ disease in Shropshire can be prevented with Legionella risk assessments. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974, a Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement in the UK. Landlords, employers, property managers, and any duty holder for the health and safety of premises must ensure risks are identified and controlled.

Guardian Hygiene Services employ accredited members of the Legionella Control Association and hold industry accreditations from CHAS, Constructionline and SafeContractor. We are the trusted providers of services that stop Legionnairesā€™ disease from happening and we can secure your water systems efficiently and effectively.

Fill out a quick enquiry form or get in touch to speak to our specialist advisors about how we can get your Shropshire property Legionella compliant. We work with domestic and commercial clients.

What Is Legionnairesā€™ Disease?

Legionella bacteria can grow in any artificial water system under the right conditions:

  • Stagnant water
  • A consistent temperature between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius
  • The presence of limescale, sediment, and other bacteria for Legionella to feed on
  • No Legionella control measures in place

When colonies of this water-borne bacteria are allowed to grow, tiny droplets of water called aerosols can cause harm to anyone that breathes them in. A set of lung infections known as Legionellosis can develop. The most serious of these is Legionnairesā€™ disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

Legionnairesā€™ Outbreak in Shropshire

A fatal outbreak of Legionnairesā€™ disease occurred at a Ludlow hotel in 2017, leading to its closure. You must avoid deaths and legal action by ensuring a legally-compliant Legionella risk assessment is carried out and the correct records are kept.

How Our Services Prevent Legionnairesā€™ Disease

We offer a range of professional Legionella services that ensure every base of water hygiene and safety is covered:

The first step to Legionella compliance is getting a risk assessment to identify if any remedial works are required or if your current control measures are adequate.

How Our Legionella Risk Assessments Work

With accredited technicians stationed in the West Midlands, we can get to your Shropshire property quickly to provide efficient, thorough Legionella risk assessments. Your review will consist of administrative and physical checks, including taking water samples and sending them for testing at UKAS laboratories.

We will:

  • Tour your site, inspecting the entirety of your hot and cold water systems including water storage tanks and piping routes
  • Check water temperature at key points with calibrated UKAS thermometers
  • Test for elevated levels of Legionella
  • Inspect all areas with the potential for aerosol release
  • Review your current records and previous assessment records if applicable
  • Consult with all persons involved in health and safety management of your site
  • Assess the risk levels of workers and occupants of your site, considering things like age and underlying health conditions

We compile all the results from our assessments and tests into one report, provided in PDF format. Our management regulatory compliance system is useful for gathering, keeping, analysing, and communicating Health, Safety, and Environmental compliance records whenever needed.

Depending on the results, you can then choose to take advantage of our control or disinfection services – all reports come with no-obligation quotes on recommended actions.

Why Choose Guardian Hygiene Services?

Our bespoke reporting system and commitment to working closely with our clients set us apart. We explain everything we have found and what it means, giving detailed guidance on corrective measures so you are never in the dark. Our Legionella services provide cost-effective long-term solutions that you can rely on.

All technicians are fully trained to carry out services in line with Public Health Englandā€™s guidelines, set out in ACOP L8 and HSG274. Their specialist knowledge and experience mean they know exactly what to look out for and can perform efficient assessments that donā€™t cut corners.

Prevent Further Cases of Legionnairesā€™ Disease With Our Services

We have been providing essential Legionella prevention services for commercial and residential properties for years. You can ensure peace of mind and guard against the spread of dangerous infection in your area simply by booking a Legionella risk assessment.

We come to your site at a time convenient to you to carry out expert assessments that ensure nothing is missed. Put a stop to Legionnairesā€™ disease in Shropshire and start your journey to compliance today.

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