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Book Your Legionella Risk Assessments in Swindon

Guardian Hygiene Services are top providers of comprehensive Legionella risk assessments in Swindon. When you book an assessment, our fully-accredited technicians will come to your premises to perform thorough physical and administrative checks in line with Government legislation.

Ensure you protect your hot and cold water systems from dangerous Legionella bacteria and stay legally compliant with our trusted services. We hold industry accreditations and memberships with CHAS, Constructionline, and SafeContractor, and are certified members of the Legionella Control Association.

Speak to our specialist advisors for more information or fill out an enquiry form to book your Legionella risk assessment today.

Prevent Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease in Swindon

The Government’s Health and Safety at Work Act in 1974 stipulates that a Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement in the UK. If you are in any way involved as a duty holder for the health and safety of premises in Swindon, you must ensure you assess and control risks of Legionella bacteria proliferation.

When tiny water droplets with high counts of Legionella bacteria are released via aerosol and breathed in, it can lead to chronic lung infections. The most severe of these is Legionnaires’ disease, a form of pneumonia that can result in death.

You must protect against the dangers posed by Legionella to ensure the health and safety of workers and occupants of your premises to avoid legal action.

Legionella Bacteria Can Grow and Spread in Any Water System

Colonies of Legionella bacteria can thrive in all purpose-built water systems when:

  • Water is stagnant, as it can be in water storage tanks
  • Water is stored at a consistent temperature between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius
  • There is limescale, sediment, and other bacteria to provide nutrition for the Legionella
  • You do not have proper Legionella control measures in place

Why You Shouldn’t Do Legionella Risk Assessments Yourself

Government guidelines, set out in documents ACOP L8 and HSG274, explain how to carry out effective Legionella risk assessments. The legislation specifies that only a competent person with adequate skill and knowledge can carry out the assessment.

You must know:

  • How and where to take important water temperature readings
  • Know how to recognise aerosol release
  • Possess the equipment and skill needed to take samples for Legionella testing
  • Know how to keep the correct administrative records

Getting any of this wrong means you risk exposing people to dangerous bacterial infections. A professional risk assessment for Legionella from trained and accredited technicians will give you the greatest peace of mind and ensure long-term security for your water systems.

How Our Legionella Risk Assessments Work

Our technicians can attend your Swindon property at a time convenient for you. We carry out comprehensive Legionella risk assessments that include all the physical and administrative checks you need to get legally compliant:

  • A tour of the entirety of your hot and cold water systems
  • Inspection of anywhere with the potential for aerosol release
  • Water samples and temperature checks using UKAS-approved calibrated thermometers
  • A full review of previous and current Legionella assessment records
  • An overview of health and safety procedures and current Legionella management practices including risk level assessment of occupants or workers of the premises

A full guide to Legionella risk assessments.

Why Choose Guardian Hygiene Services?

The Guardian Hygiene Services difference is a commitment to close customer care. We compile all the results of our assessments and tests into one, easy-to-digest report that explains everything we’ve found and the implications of this.

We can provide you with accurate, no-obligation quotes for any remedial works recommended and provide you with a full written control scheme. Everything we do comes with detailed guidance bespoke to your needs, so you are never alone in your journey to Legionella compliance.

Property Types & Water Systems We Cover in Swindon

  • Leisure centres
  • Swimming
  • Hot tubs and jacuzzis
  • Swimming pools
  • Hot and cold water storage tanks
  • Air conditioning units
  • Medical facilities
  • Dental apparatus
  • Showers and taps
  • Vehicle cleaning machines
  • Food manufacturing sites
  • Washing facilities
  • Industrial facilities

Ensure Legal Compliance by Booking a Legionella Risk Assessment Today

Getting legally compliant is made easy with Guardian Hygiene Services. Our comprehensive assessments are bespoke to your needs and provide a cost-effective solution for long-term water hygiene. Secure the safety of your premises and avoid fines or legal action by booking your Legionella risk assessment in Swindon today.

Speak to our specialist advisors or fill out an enquiry form to start your journey to compliance.

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