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Prevent Legionella in Your Dental Practice With Specialist Services

Legionella in dental surgeries can cause serious illness in vulnerable patients and staff. Our essential services identify Legionella bacteria risks in your water supply and water systems. With risk assessments and control schemes, you can reduce these risks and ensure health and safety in your practice.

Our services are efficient, comprehensive, and backed up by leading industry bodies. We have technicians up and down the UK, ready to get to your dental practice fast, at a time convenient to you, to perform essential Legionella services that get you legally compliant.

Speak to our specialist advisors today or fill out a form to book our comprehensive service and reduce the risks of Legionella in your dental practice.

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    How We Help Prevent Legionella in Dental Practices

    Legionella can grow in any purpose-built water system and cause harm to humans when infected droplets are breathed in. This includes lung infections and Legionnaires’ disease, which can potentially result in death. 

    Healthcare facilities like dental practices must protect patients and staff from this harmful bacteria in water systems.

    Dental practices are at risk because of the potential proliferation of Legionella in dental water lines. This is an especially high-risk water system for the following reasons:

    • There is often a source of nutrients for the bacteria to feed on.
    • The plastic tubing promotes bacterial growth.
    • The warm temperatures of surgeries are prime for Legionella growth, which thrives and spreads in temperatures of 20°C to 45°C.
    • Stagnant water is also perfect for Legionella: dental water lines often remain stagnant overnight and at weekends.
    Prevent Legionella in Dental Practices

    Responsibilities For Dental Practices Regarding Legionella

    According to the Health Technical Memorandum provided by NHS England, HTM 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices, ‘Registered Managers of dental practices have an overriding general duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’. 

    If you are responsible for the health and safety of a dental practice, ensuring a proper Legionella risk assessment has been carried out, including testing of all dental equipment, is a legal requirement. 
    The risk assessment must comply with the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance L8 (ACOP L8), and Safe water in healthcare premises (HTM 04-01) guidelines and be carried out by a competent person – this is where Guardian Hygiene Services can help.

    Our Legionella Testing in Dental Practices

    We test for Legionella in dental practices as part of our comprehensive Legionella risk assessments. A dedicated technician will attend your facility to complete a combination of thorough administrative checks and physical inspections.

    Part of this physical inspection will be Legionella testing and Legionella sampling, checking for Legionella bacteria in your water systems like dental unit water lines. Our technicians are highly trained and are equipped with approved UKAS-calibrated thermometer test kits, able to get extremely accurate readings.

    Once this comprehensive risk assessment and Legionella testing have been done and the results are compiled, you will get a detailed report with guidance and information. We can then help you implement a Legionella control scheme if remedial actions are required.
    Learn more about Legionella testing.

    Our Legionella Testing in Dental Practices

    Our Legionella Control in Dental Practices

    Legionella control schemes are necessary when dangers have been identified in a risk assessment. We will work collaboratively with you on a bespoke control scheme that works to eradicate the risks of dangerous amounts of Legionella bacteria in your dental practice:

    The control measures will include:

    • A detailed explanation of risks identified
    • A  clear management structure for you
    • A fully up-to-date schematic of your water systems
    • The correct and safe operation of your water systems
    • The results of any analytical tests
    • Extra health and safety information
    • Incident plans for the event of a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak

    Our control schemes are compliant with legal guidance, including HSG274’s technical guidance.

    Legionella Control in Dental Practices

    Legionella Services Are So Trusted

    Why Our Legionella Services Are So Trusted

    Guardian Hygiene Services have become the trusted Legionella specialists for several reasons:

    Industry Accreditations

    We hold many prestigious accreditations and memberships with leading industry bodies including the following:

    • Legionella Control Association
    • CHAS
    • Constructionline
    • Safecontractor
    • BSI

    This means our services are proven to be effective and safe. You can trust us to get the job done right.


    Our services are fully in line with all government guidelines, including ACOP L8 and HSG274. Our technicians have the training, the technology and the experience to conduct the most thorough Legionella services that keep your water systems safe.

    Bespoke Reporting

    We help our clients at every step of the journey to Legionella compliance. Our reporting system gives detailed information and guidance, which explains exactly what you need to do so the process is streamlined and easy to understand.

    Book Our Legionella Dental Services to Ensure Legal Compliance

    Legionella bacteria in water systems of healthcare facilities like dental practices presents a great risk to vulnerable patients and staff. Ensure you protect their safety and avoid a hefty fine with our trusted, government-compliant services.

    Contact our team of specialist advisors or fill out a form to book our comprehensive services and guard against Legionella in your dental practice.

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