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Accredited Legionella Risk Assessments in Ayrshire

Guardian Hygiene Services offer professional Legionella risk assessments in Ayrshire for a range of commercial and residential properties. You are legally obliged to ensure you assess and manage risks associated with Legionella bacteria under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Ensure legal compliance and peace of mind by employing our trusted services as members of the Legionella Control Association. Our technicians are all accredited by CHAS, Constructionline and SafeContractor, and the BSI. 

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    Legal Requirements Surrounding Legionella in Scotland

    Businesses and landlords must assess and manage the risks associated with exposure to Legionella bacteria. This applies if you are an employer, a building manager, or in any way involved in the health and safety of premises.

    Your responsibilities include:

    • Identifying and assessing sources of risk
    • Managing any risks
    • Preventing or controlling any risks
    • Keeping the correct records

    What Are the Risks Associated With Legionella?

    When Legionella bacteria is allowed to grow and spread in hot and cold water systems, it poses a risk to the health and safety of occupants. The bacteria is released in tiny water droplets called aerosols; when these are breathed in, serious lung infections can follow. The most serious is Legionnaires’ disease, a form of pneumonia that can result in death.

    Particularly at-risk groups include:

    • Suffers of diabetes, lung and heart disease
    • Anyone over the age of 45
    • Heavy drinkers and smokers
    • Anyone with an impaired immune system or with an existing chronic disease

    How Do I Know If I Need a Legionella Risk Assessment?

    Legionella bacteria can form in any hot and cold water system. The most common include:

    • Spa pools 
    • Jacuzzis
    • Swimming pools
    • Hot and cold water taps
    • Dental apparatus
    • Air conditioners
    • Washing facilities
    • Vehicle cleaning machines
    • Food manufacturing sites

    The conditions that allow Legionella to become a danger can be found in nearly every water system:

    • Warm temperatures between 20°C and 45°C, with temperatures between 35°C and 45°C being optimal
    • Sediment, scale, and other bacteria for Legionella to feed on
    • Periods of stagnancy, as is often the case in water tanks

    It is therefore vital that you ensure Legionella risk assessment is carried out on your site so you know what control measures, if any, you need to take for proper prevention.

    photo of a hot tub

    photo of a tap and glass of water

    How We Carry Out Legionella Risk Assessments

    With technicians stationed up and down Scotland, we will be able to get to your Ayrshire property quickly to carry out a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment. Trained technicians will complete a range of physical and administrative checks that cover everything you need:

    • A full tour and inspection of your water systems
    • Identification of water systems with the potential for aerosol release
    • Water temperature checks with UKAS-approved calibrated thermometers
    • Water sample taking for Legionella testing in a UKAS laboratory
    • A review your current and previous Legionella assessment records if applicable
    • An overview of your current Legionella management practices 

    Once we have all the information and test results, we will compile them into one bespoke report in a PDF for your records. Unlike other Legionella companies, we provide full guidance in our reports that explains how to take remedial actions. 

    Depending on your results, you can then take advantage of our full roster of Legionella services:

    Can I Carry Out a Legionella Risk Assessment Myself?

    The law does not stipulate that you need specific training or qualifications in order to be able to carry out a Legionella risk assessment. However, it does require you to be able to identify risk areas, have the right equipment for effective sample-taking and temperature checks, and know how to keep the correct records. 

    If you miss anything, you risk allowing this dangerous bacteria to proliferate and cause harm. You also risk legal action if your water systems cause an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease and you have no proof of measures taken to prevent it.
    All of our technicians complete Legionella risk assessments in line with Government legislation ACOP L8 and HSG274, ensuring nothing is missed and you’re fully covered.

    What Property Types and Business Can We Cover in Ayrshire?

    • Hospitals
    • Care Homes
    • Landlords
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Hairdressers
    • Dental Practices
    • Health Clubs
    • Sports Centres
    • Local Authority
    • National Trust
    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Hotels
    • Leisure Clubs

    Book Your Legionella Risk Assessment in Ayrshire Today

    Secure the safety of your water systems and avoid legal action with our accredited services. We will come to your property at a time convenient to you to carry out a comprehensive assessment that gives you peace of mind. 

    To book your Legionella risk assessment in Ayrshire, just get in touch with our team or fill out a simple enquiry form.