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Water Monitoring Services for Legionella Prevention

Water Monitoring

Guardian Hygiene Services provide water monitoring to domestic and commercial clients to help prevent the proliferation of Legionella bacteria. We are members of the Legionella Control Association and our technicians hold accreditations and memberships with CHAS, Constructionline, SafeContractor and the BSI.

Our comprehensive Legionella risk assessments help build targeted water monitoring schemes that protect the health and safety of your hot and cold water systems. Avoid enforcement action by the HSE Legionella Control Association and prevent outbreaks of potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease with our services.

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    What Is Legionella Water Monitoring and Why Is it Needed?

    Monitoring water systems is the next stage in Legionella prevention after a risk assessment has identified potential hazards in your water systems. Any hazards, or any potential for hazards to be created, that are identified must be dealt with by Legionella remedial works.

    Water monitoring focuses on controlling risks of Legionella bacteria proliferation going forward. This is essential to ensure that your water systems meet Legionella requirements set out by HSE. Monitoring can help to improve water quality and prevent exposure to these dangerous bacteria.

    Failure to monitor water quality and conditions means that Legionella bacteria can grow and spread. When tiny water droplets with large counts of the bacteria are breathed in, it can lead to serious lung infections. Legionnaires’ disease is the most severe of these as a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

    close up of a scientist

    microscopic magnification Legionella pneumophila, Gram-negative bacillus that causes pneumonia. 3d illustration

    Consistent water monitoring is so important because of the ease with which Legionella grows and spreads. Any purpose-built water system, domestic, commercial or industrial, can support Legionella colonies in the following conditions:

    • Consistent water temperatures between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius
    • Stagnancy
    • Presence of limescale and sediment as nutrition for the bacteria
    • A lack of a proper water monitoring scheme

    As such, many water systems are considered high-risk, especially water storage tanks which require drinking water monitoring.

    How Our Water Monitoring Services Work

    If you have not had a Legionella risk assessment recently, we are well-placed to perform one with trained, accredited technicians stationed up and down the country. This is the first step which allows planning for effective water monitoring strategies. 

    A risk assessment consists of physical and administrative checks which look at your water framework. Our technicians will take water samples for Legionella testing and perform operational checks. We will also review your current water quality monitoring system and identify any changes needed.

    Water Monitoring Solutions for Legionella Control

    Once all the monitoring data from your risk assessment or records of previous risk assessments have been collated, we can implement a water monitoring scheme for you. Our dedicated water monitoring technicians will help you every step of the way to Legionella compliance.

    A full control scheme will be bespoke to your water system and the results of your assessment. It can include any or all of the following:

    • Remedial action

    We provide remedial actions for your water systems, giving detailed guidance on what to change and how to do it.

    • Water treatment

    If occupants or visitors of your premises are at greater risk of contracting serious illnesses from Legionella exposure we can provide dedicated water treatments. This can include copper and silver ionisation, UV radiation, and chlorine dioxide treatments which improve water quality and hygiene.

    • A detailed schematic of your water systems and their correct operation

    Our technicians map out the entirety of your water framework and provide instructions on its proper use so you know where your monitoring points are. 

    Your schematic will include the layout of your systems, identifying piping routes, storage and header tanks, calorifiers and relevant items like water softeners, filters, strainers, pumps, and water outlets.

    • A clear management structure for water monitoring

    We can set out who the designated duty holder is, what their communication pathways should be, and identify their responsibilities. We can also provide Legionella water monitoring training if needed.

    • Health and safety information

    This includes how to handle, store, and dispose of chemicals used in any water system treatments or tests.

    • Detailed incident plans

    This includes proper responses to:

    • Major plant failures
    • High levels of or repeat positive water analyses for Legionella
    • An outbreak of Legionellosis or Legionnaires’ disease on your site (two or more cases)
    Legionella Services

    Types of Properties and Business Sectors We Cover

    We have become one of the most trusted providers of Legionella control services for a number of clients.

    The business sectors we cover include:

    • Hospitals
    • Care Homes
    • Funeral Homes
    • Landlords
    • Retail
    • Restaurants
    • Hairdressers
    • Dental Practices
    • Health Clubs
    • Sports Centres
    • Local Authority
    • National Trust
    • Universities
    • Schools
    • Hotels
    • Leisure Clubs
    • Factories, including food production
    • All commercial properties

    We Provide Water Monitoring Systems With Long-Term Solutions

    Our water monitoring services ensure compliance with ACOP L8 and HSG274 and secures the safety of your water systems. With bespoke services carried out by trusted experts, Guardian Hygiene Services are the Legionella prevention company of choice. 

    To find out how we can help you, fill out an enquiry form or speak to our specialist advisors today.

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