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Comprehensive Legionella Sampling Services

Regardless of the type or number of facilities you manage, achieving consistent Legionella sampling and compliance across all sites can pose immense challenges. However, maintaining vigilance against Legionella is not merely a regulatory necessity, it’s a commitment to the well-being of every individual within your facility.

At Guardian Hygiene Services, we make water sampling simple and worry-free. Our experienced technicians handle the entire process from sample collection to clear, easy-to-understand reporting. With our UKAS-accredited analysis and rapid nationwide response, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your systems are regularly checked by trained specialists.

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    Why Choose Us for Legionella Sampling?

    • Certified Expertise: Rest easy knowing that our certified professionals handle each step of the sampling process.
    • Nationwide Reach: With technicians located throughout the UK, we ensure timely and efficient sampling for any facility.
    • Clarity in Reporting: Receive clear, concise, and comprehensive reports, making it easier for you to interpret and act on results.
    • Tailored Solutions: Our offerings are customised to meet the unique needs and challenges of each facility under your management.

    Peace of Mind: By entrusting your Legionella sampling to us, you not only guarantee compliance but also the safety and well-being of all occupants.

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    What Does the Legionella Sampling Process Involve?

    After visiting your facility, our technicians will pinpoint optimal sampling sites, and dispatch these samples to a reputable UKAS-certified laboratory for examination. We prioritise sources that are prone to bacterial proliferation, such as water storage reservoirs and rarely-used outlets.

    Here’s how our process works:

    • A specialised engineer arrives at your site to gather water samples from predetermined points.
    • These samples undergo a meticulous evaluation in a UKAS-certified laboratory.
    • In a span of 10-15 days, you’ll obtain lucid and interpretable test findings, offering a conclusive insight into microbial presence.
    • If the findings indicate alarming levels of Legionella, our compliance team will immediately oversee corrective measures at your site.

    In scenarios where everything is in order, you’ll obtain certified documentation that your water systems are free of harmful Legionella as of the sampling date. This document importantly stands as evidence of your compliance and meticulous oversight to regulatory bodies.

    However, if Legionella or any other microbial counts surpass permissible levels

    our compliance team will liaise with you to initiate essential sanitisation and corrective measures, ensuring a swift resolution.

    How Thorough Sampling Can Enhance Your Operations

    Contact Us for a Legionella-Free Future

    Facilities management services must deliver excellence and precision in every undertaking. When it comes to Legionella sampling, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Guardian Hygiene Services is here to shoulder responsibility, ensuring a safe environment and compliance with utmost professionalism.

    Reach out to us today and let’s embark on a journey toward a safer, Legionella-free future together.

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