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Protect Your Reputation with Trusted Legionella Risk Assessments

Guardian Hygiene Serves offer secure and efficient Legionella risk assessment services for various buildings and establishments. Our experienced team ensures compliance with legislation through expert advice, preventive measures, and monitoring plans. With our trusted expertise, we address Legionella-related issues, safeguarding you against this harmful bacterium and other infectious organisms.

Protect Your Healthcare Facility With Guardian Hygiene Services

Managing Legionella compliance in your healthcare facility can be daunting, with potential risks including fines, reputational damage and a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. Therefore, obtaining a Legionella risk assessment is crucial for healthcare facilities for several reasons:

  • Protecting Public Perception: Reputational damage can occur if a facility is associated with a Legionella outbreak. Negative publicity can harm public perception and erode trust in your ability to provide a safe environment.
  • Demonstrating Commitment to Safety: Conducting a Legionella risk assessment demonstrates a proactive approach to ensuring the health and safety of occupants, and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Compliance with regulations, such as ACOP L8, is essential for reputational protection. A Legionella risk assessment helps demonstrate adherence to these legal requirements.
  • Enhancing Confidence: A comprehensive Legionella risk assessment provides customers, employees, and partners with confidence in the facility’s commitment to their well-being. 

By prioritising a Legionella risk assessment, your facility proactively addresses potential reputational risks, demonstrating a commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, and instilling confidence in your stakeholders.

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    As “The Legionella People”, our skilled engineers conduct thorough assessments of your healthcare facility by carrying out the following:

    Administrative checks:

    • Review of current records and previous assessments
    • Consultation with relevant personnel involved in Legionella control
    • Verification of management procedures and paperwork
    • Risk assessment focused on the age and health considerations of individuals on-site

    Site tour:

    • Physical inspection of water systems
    • Examination of areas where aerosols may be generated

    We provide a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment report in PDF format, laid out in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Our management regulatory compliance system ensures monthly water checks, storing, analysing and communicating Health, Safety and Environmental compliance records as needed.

    Why Legionella Risk Assessments Are Important

    Under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, a Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement. These assessments play a pivotal role in not only protecting the staff, patients and visitors within a healthcare facility but also protecting the facility’s reputation.

    By identifying potential sources of Legionella growth and transmission, facilities can implement targeted mitigation strategies to safeguard patients with compromised immune systems. Additionally, conducting a risk assessment demonstrates a proactive approach to preventing outbreaks, which can lead to severe consequences and reputational damage.

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    How Guardian Hygiene Services Can Help

    When healthcare facilities require a Legionella risk assessment, Guardian Hygiene Services stands out as the top choice. Our expertise, experience and tailored solutions make us the preferred partner for healthcare facilities seeking comprehensive risk assessments. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges in healthcare settings, we ensure that vulnerable populations and your reputation are protected from Legionella-related risks. 

    Accredited by Legionella Control Association and holding memberships with reputable organisations such as CHAS, Constructionline, and Safecontractor, we have a trusted level of professionalism and compliance with our services.

    We’ll conduct thorough assessments, offer expert guidance, and propose effective preventive measures tailored to your specific facility, ensuring optimal safety and regulatory compliance.

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    Avoid any reputational damage and get a full service from one of the most trusted Legionella risk assessment companies in the UK.

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