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Compliance is Crucial: Protect Your Institution with Legionella Risk Assessments

In an educational environment, health and safety compliance is a complex and vital requirement. It is essential to control risks from Legionella to safeguard the well-being of students, staff, and visitors. 

Non-compliance may lead to significant fines and health risks. 

Act now; speak to our specialist advisors today at Guardian Hygiene Services to book your Legionella risk assessment and get peace of mind.

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    Why Choose Guardian Hygiene Services?

    Our team, accredited by the Legionella Control Association and members of CHAS, Constructionline, and Safecontractor, are experts in Legionella control. What sets us above the competition:

    • Rapid Response Times: Our nationwide network of technicians ensures quick, efficient service. Prompt response time means less downtime for your institution and swift rectification of any issues, reducing potential health risks.
    • Tailored Solutions: We assess your unique needs to deliver the most effective solutions. By understanding your complex water systems, we ensure optimal Legionella control, ensuring safety and compliance regardless of your institution’s size or complexity.
    • Comprehensive, User-friendly Reporting and Recording System: We provide you with detailed, yet accessible, reports. These thorough documents make it easy to understand your current Legionella risk and recommended actions, helping you make informed decisions. We also offer no-obligation quotes for any remedial work, saving you time and uncertainty.
    • Fully Qualified Technicians: Our technicians are experts in the latest Legionella legislation. This means you can trust that your institution is not only compliant with current laws but also prepared for any future changes, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the continued safety of your educational community.
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    Our Proven Process for Secure Compliance

    Our risk assessments involve comprehensive reviews of your institution’s existing Legionella records, detailed examinations of prior assessments, and physical inspections of water systems. We take care of everything, from administrative checks to site tours:

    We provide a detailed evaluation of your institution’s prior assessments and current records, with a focus on ensuring that recommended protective measures against Legionella have been implemented effectively in your educational facility.

    What Does It Involve?

    As the Legionella experts, our highly skilled engineers are trained to assess your educational institution for potential Legionella issues. The process includes:

    Administrative checks:

    • A comprehensive review of your institution’s existing Legionella records
    • A detailed examination of your prior Legionella assessments
    • Consultation with all parties involved in managing the risk of Legionella within your institution
    •  Verification of management procedures and all associated paperwork
    • A risk level assessment of individuals present in the institution, taking into account age and health considerations of students, faculty, and staff

    Site tour:

    • A physical inspection of the water systems within your educational facilities, including water sampling
    • A detailed review of areas where aerosols, which can spread Legionella, may be produced

    We then compile a thorough report, which will be provided to you in a user-friendly PDF format. 

    Our specialised management system for monthly water checks not only collects but also stores, analyses, and communicates health, safety, and environmental compliance records as needed. 

    This ensures your educational institution remains proactive in its Legionella management strategy.

    Trust in Industry-Approved Experts

    Guardian Hygiene Services holds key accreditations and memberships that emphasise our professionalism and commitment to safety. We are the trusted partner in Legionella control for numerous educational institutions nationwide. You can trust in our experience and expertise to ensure the safety of your school, college, or university.

    Get Your Educational Institution Legionella Compliant Fast

    Legionella risk assessments are indispensable in securing the safety of everyone within an educational facility and preventing potential legal repercussions. Don’t leave anything to chance — trust one of the UK’s most reputable Legionella risk assessment firms.

    Schedule your Legionella risk assessment with Guardian Hygiene Services today. Our team of professionals will conduct an exhaustive examination of your water systems and prescribe any needed remedial actions, ensuring a secure educational environment for all.

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