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Simple and Efficient Legionella Monitoring for Your Facility

Managing water systems to ensure they are free from harmful bacteria like Legionella is no small task. Inaccurate or inadequate monitoring could result not just in legal repercussions, but could seriously jeopardise the health and safety of your facility’s occupants.

With Guardian Hygiene Services, you can achieve and maintain rigorous standards for water safety and compliance. We make the complex simple, offering a streamlined, expert service that removes the guesswork from Legionella monitoring.

Our accredited Legionella monitoring is a continual service that complements regular water testing in multiple industries. Whatever the specific needs of your facility, we customise our monitoring solutions to align with them.

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    How Do We Monitor Legionella Risks?

    Grasp the essentials of Legionella monitoring with us—it’s a focused strategy to pinpoint and control Legionella risks in your water systems. Here’s what partnering with us entails: By following this structured monitoring process, we not only ensure your facility remains compliant but also foster an environment where Legionella risks are proactively managed and mitigated.

    Initial Risk Assessment

    First, our certified professionals conduct an in-depth risk assessment to determine the unique needs and challenges of your facility. This lays the foundation for a tailored monitoring programme.

    Custom Protocol Development

    Based on the initial risk assessment, a bespoke monitoring protocol is developed. This ensures that the most critical aspects of your water systems are covered.

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    Scheduled Visits

    Our engineers arrive at your facility as per the agreed-upon schedule, be it monthly, quarterly, or biannually. The frequency of these visits depends on your facility’s specific risk profile.

    Data Collection

    During each visit, our engineers perform a series of tests which may include water temperature checks, quality measurements, and equipment function assessments. If needed, new water samples are collected for microbial analysis.

    Real-Time Reporting

    Using our advanced ZetaSafe system, we log all findings and immediately flag any non-conformances. This enables real-time reporting and immediate action when necessary.

    Comprehensive Reports

    Post-visit, you’ll receive a clear and concise report that summarises all findings and recommends specific corrective actions. This arms you with the insights needed to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.

    How Our Bespoke Training Courses Streamline Your Operations

    Ensuring the safety and compliance of your facility’s water systems is essential. With our bespoke Legionella training courses, we address the specific challenges and needs of your operations.

    Streamline Your Facility’s Safety and Compliance

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    When it comes to Legionella monitoring, you need more than just a service provider—you need a partner committed to safeguarding your facility’s occupants and ensuring steadfast compliance. Here’s why we are that partner:

    Our seasoned experts bring in-depth knowledge and practical experience in pinpointing hazards and applying exact control methods. This proficiency ensures our service meets and exceeds the sector’s highest benchmarks.

    We utilise an advanced management system called ZetaSafe for Legionella monitoring. This provides us with real-time visibility, giving us instantaneous oversight and control of the entire monitoring programme.

    We cut through the jargon, providing you with reports that are straightforward yet comprehensive. This empowers you to make quick, informed decisions based on clear and actionable insights.

    Benefit from continuous Legionella control support when you partner with us. Through our centralised communication hub, experts are on hand to help explain technical concepts in easy-to-understand language, as well as to help interpret and clarify results. 

    One size doesn’t fit all, especially when managing diverse facilities. We offer bespoke monitoring programmes, shaped by the unique characteristics of your facility and the challenges it faces.

    With Guardian Hygiene Services as your Legionella monitoring partner, you’re not just ticking off a regulatory box—you’re ensuring the safety and integrity of your entire facility. 

    Secure Your Facility’s Future With Expert Legionella Monitoring

    To learn more about partnering with Guardian Hygiene Services for a customised Legionella monitoring programme, get in touch with our team.

    Partner with us for certified expertise and custom solutions that bring you peace of mind. Reach out now and let’s ensure your facility is safe, compliant, and efficiently managed.

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