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Onsite Legionella Testing

Comprehensive Legionella Testing in the UK

Legionella can occur in any man-made water system and cause serious illness if breathed in. At Guardian Hygiene Services, we provide onsite Legionella testing as part of our comprehensive Legionella risk assessments. We can give you fast, accurate results that help you with the risk management of harmful Legionella bacteria.

Our technicians are all highly trained and located up and down the country, ready to attend your premises efficiently. With accreditations from leading industry bodies, our services are trusted and proven. 

To book your bespoke onsite Legionella testing, speak to our specialist advisors or fill out an enquiry form.

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    How We Carry Out Onsite Legionella Testing

    Our onsite Legionella testing comes as part of our comprehensive Legionella risk assessments. Your assessment will consist of a combination of administrative and physical checks on your hot and cold water systems.

    A highly-trained technician will inspect each water system, performing temperature checks at vital points. Our water testing is conducted with approved UKAS-calibrated thermometer test kits. These take highly accurate readings to determine if there is a risk of Legionella bacteria proliferation.

    These tests, combined with administrative checks and consultations with all those responsible for the health and safety of your premises, help to determine risk factors.

    Onsite Legionella Testing

    When to Get Onsite Legionella Testing

    When you need Legionella onsite testing, get it done by trusted experts. A Legionella risk assessment is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Any duty holder or Legionella Responsible Person can conduct an assessment. 

    However, only Legionella professionals will have the best technology and expertise to ensure nothing is missed. At Guardian Hygiene Services, we have years of experience in risk assessment and risk management and have helped countless clients both commercial and residential to get Legionella compliant and save lives.


    We are accredited by the Legionella Control Association and have other accreditations and memberships including CHAS, Constructionline, Safecontractor and the BSI. You can rest assured that our onsite Legionella testing is proven to be safe and effective.


    Our testing and risk management of Legionella bacteria services are fully compliant with Government regulations set out in the Health and Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice (ACOP L8), and HSG274’s technical guidance

    Bespoke Reporting

    Our Legionella services differ because of our bespoke reporting system. When we get the results of the onsite Legionella testing, we put this together with our administrative checks into a report that explains exactly what we found and exactly what it means. 

    This means you know what to do to implement effective management and control schemes that ensure proper water hygiene and the safety of your premises.

    When to Get Onsite Legionella Testing

    If you are an employer or a person in control of premises, you are responsible for health and safety. Regular assessments are a vital part of this. 

    If you do not already have an in-house control scheme, we recommend our monthly water monitoring services. If you already do in-house checks and are sure that you are recording these correctly, we recommend our 6-monthly checks.

    If you are a duty holder or facilities manager, you should arrange for a complete review and new assessment in any of the following circumstances:

    • There are changes to the water system or its use
    • There have been any changes in the use of your building
    • There have been any indications that control measures are no longer effective
    • System modifications or new construction works have been planned
    • There has been a change in key personnel, contractors, or service providers
    • A case of Legionnaires’ Disease or Legionellosis associated 

    More information on how often to test for Legionella.

    What Water Systems Are at High Risk of Legionella Growth?

    Any water system purpose-built is vulnerable to the growth of Legionella bacteria. However, the most common high-risk systems are:

    • Cooling towers
    • Evaporative condensers
    • Air conditioning units
    • Hot water tanks
    • Water heaters
    • Boilers
    • Combi boilers
    • Spa pools
    • Hot tubs
    • Swimming pools
    • Dental apparatus
    • Showers
    • Healthcare properties
    • Vehicle cleaning machines
    • Food manufacturing sites
    • Washing facilities
    • Industrial facilities like manufacturing sites

    Guarantee Accurate Legionella Testing With Guardian Hygiene Services

    When it comes to Legionella bacteria in water systems, it pays to get the services of trusted experts. You can ensure nothing is missed with high-tech onsite Legionella testing from Guardian Hygiene Services.

    For greater peace of mind, speak to our team of specialist advisors or fill out a form and book your comprehensive Legionella testing and risk assessment.

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