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Secure Legionella Testing Lancashire for Water Safety

Legionella bacteria pose a serious health risk if allowed to proliferate in your hot and cold water systems. Legionella testing performed by professionals will provide essential information that enables you to take the necessary actions to protect your system and remain legally compliant. 

Guardian Hygiene Services are trusted providers of Legionella prevention and control services, including testing in UKAS laboratories. We have helped a huge range of clients, commercial and residential, to secure their properties and prevent outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease in the North West.

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    Testing for Legionella bacteria in a property’s hot and cold water systems is essential:

    It’s a legal requirement

    Property managers, employers, landlords, and anyone in charge of the health and safety of premises are legally required to assess and control the risks of Legionella in their water systems. Under the HSE’s Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, a Legionella risk assessment is an obligation – Legionella testing is a part of this.

    It helps to prevent disease outbreaks

    When Legionella bacteria reaches dangerous levels, it can cause serious illnesses when infected water droplets are breathed in. The most serious of these illnesses is called Legionnaires’ disease, which is a form of pneumonia that can be fatal in vulnerable people. Testing for Legionella identifies if too much of the bacteria is present and allows you to take the steps to reduce its presence and manage the risks. 

    Legionella can proliferate anywhere if unchecked

    Legionella can grow and spread in any water system. Warm temperatures, periods of stagnation, and other bacteria to feed on all provide the ideal conditions for the proliferation of Legionella. Without testing, it can easily grow to dangerous levels.

    How We Test for Legionella

    We provide Legionella testing in Lancashire as part of our full roster of Legionella, detection, prevention and control services:

    When you book our assessment and testing services, our trained technicians will come to your premises at your convenience to carry out thorough reviews of your water systems:

    • Technicians will test water temperature at key points in your system with UKAS calibrated thermometers which get the most accurate readings
    • They will extract water samples to send to a UKAS laboratory for Legionella count testing
    • We send the results of all tests to you in one report for your records, which explains all of our findings and what they mean
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    Water Filter In The Hands Of A Man On A Pool

    The Next Steps

    The test results in your report will show the amount of Legionella found in water samples as “colony-forming units per litre” or “cfu/l”. If the figure is greater than 100 cfu/l, it means your water systems require further investigation. If it is higher than 1,000 cfu/l, immediate action must be taken.

    Our team can then help you with Legionella control schemes with actionable points that get your water systems compliant, including another date for further Legionella testing once remedial action has been taken.

    Water Tap With Flowing Water

    Which Water Systems Need Legionella Testing?

    All hot and cold water systems need regular Legionella risk assessments. This is especially true for systems that may go through periods of low use – Legionella bacteria favours stagnant water. Water systems need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly, as debris, limescale, and other bacteria provide ideal sources of nutrition that allow it to thrive to dangerous levels.

    High-risk systems include:

    • Shower heads and taps
    • Jacuzzis
    • Swimming pools
    • Air conditioning units
    • Humidifiers
    • Cooling towers
    • Medical equipment like dentist waterlines

    Why Us?

    Guardian Hygiene Services have been helping clients across the UK for years, providing efficient and effective Legionella testing services for competitive rates.

    All technicians are always up-to-date with training and legislation, carrying out services in line with official government guidelines set out in ACOP L8 and HSG274,

    We are the trusted industry professionals when it comes to Legionella, with accreditations from and memberships of:

    Prevent Disease Outbreaks in Lancashire With Our Legionella Services

    All water systems must be protected from Legionella bacteria proliferation. Secure Legionella testing in Lancashire with our accredited services and make sure your premises are safe and its occupants and workers protected. 

    The consequences for not doing so are very serious.

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