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  • Greater transparency
  • Enhanced reporting flexibility
  • Improved productivity and accountability
  • Greater control over your compliance
  • Ability to notify responsible persons via email direct form the field of non-compliance ot other matters of concern
  • Data collected is processed into management quality information
  • Clearly shows the activiity of staff and contractors on site

Runs on PDAs, smart phones and tablets and allows Guardian technicians to capture data electronically and accurately.

Provides you with real-time access and enhanced visibility of management information through clear reports and graphs to ensure assets are compliant with health and safety regulations.

Multiple site operations with many assets produce a huge amount of paper making managing data and auditing a lengthy exercise prone to human error. Risk assessment certificates and schematic drawings can be downloaded in real time from our secure servers.

You will know exactly where you are with your compliance work at any given time, giving you complete confidence in the management of your estate.

Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the current state of your compliance management in a one page snapshot, making it easier to see exactly what’s happening and where you need to pay closer attention, if any.

Customisable notification workflows allow users to improve efficiency through automatically clearing or changing a notification status according to actions taken and test results received.