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Straightforward Legionella Training to Ensure Compliance

Legionella control is a multifaceted challenge, even more so when managing an entire portfolio of facilities. You and your team may find yourselves navigating complex compliance requirements while also coming across gaps in your knowledge. These difficulties require assistance and expertise that go beyond the skills associated with everyday maintenance.

We specialise in providing comprehensive Legionella awareness training tailored to the needs of teams, and that serves to clarify all parts of Legionella control. Our programmes are designed to bridge knowledge gaps and streamline compliance processes at all levels. By partnering with us, teams gain access to essential knowledge and practical skills, transforming the way they approach Legionella control in all facilities.

Meet compliance standards with confidence and efficiency, exceeding the expectations of clients as you do. Get in touch with us to book your team’s training session.

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    Compliance and Knowledge Gaps

    Regulations can be difficult to follow and are sometimes updated without your knowledge, making it difficult for you and your whole team to stay up-to-date. This is only made more of an issue by varying standards across different regions and types of facilities. Correctly carrying out Legionella control in one facility may not necessarily translate to another, and regulations for one type of facility may differ from the rest of your portfolio. 

    This has the potential to become overwhelming, especially as the number of facilities you manage grows.

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    Assessing the Knowledge Gaps

    Complicating matters further are the prevalent knowledge gaps in understanding Legionella and its management. Many facility management teams lack detailed insight into how Legionella proliferates, the specific risks it poses in different environments, and the most effective control measures. 

    These gaps in knowledge can lead to inadequate risk assessments, ineffective control strategies, and ultimately, a failure to comply with health and safety standards. Beyond this, they pose real health hazards to building occupants, potentially leading to severe consequences.

    Our training courses are designed to fill these knowledge gaps, providing comprehensive, up-to-date information on Legionella control, tailored to the specific needs of each facility.

    Our Comprehensive Legionella Awareness Training

    Our training courses cover a broad spectrum of critical topics, ensuring that facility management teams are thoroughly equipped to tackle Legionella-related tasks confidently.


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    Legionella Awareness Training Course – Hot and Cold Water Systems

    Within this half-day course, delegates will gain background knowledge of Legionella and an appreciation of it to help prevent or control the risk of exposure to the bacteria. They’ll also learn about key areas such as legal responsibilities and applicable legislation, how to control the risks within hot and cold water systems, and Legionella sampling and record keeping. 

    The course is designed for those who need to help prevent or control the risk of exposure within a facility. It’s especially important for those key workers who need to implement and monitor precautions – and keep the appropriate records of this.

    The course is typically delivered on Microsoft Teams, but may also take place in a classroom upon request. It contains a practical element that encourages delegate participation and concludes with a short written test to confirm understanding of what has been learned.

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    Legionella Control and Management for Duty Holders and Responsible Persons

    This training course is designed for individuals in key roles, including Responsible Persons, Deputy Responsible Persons, and managers responsible for mitigating Legionella risks in hot and cold water systems. The course offers an extensive exploration of vital topics including the nature of Legionella bacteria, the specifics of Legionnaires’ disease, and the spectrum of Legionellosis infections, facilitating a profound understanding of these critical health issues.

    It also addresses the serious implications of Legionella’s presence in water systems. It underscores the necessity of implementing effective control measures. Attendees will gain essential knowledge on how to meet and exceed the standards set by relevant health and safety legislation, codes of practice, and guidelines. 

    The course is also usually delivered on Microsoft Teams but may be delivered in person if requested. There is also a practical element and a short written test to conclude the session and confirm understanding.

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    Every facility, from commercial complexes to specialised healthcare settings, presents unique challenges in Legionella control. Recognising this, our training programmes are tailored to meet the specific needs and characteristics of each facility you have in your portfolio. 

    Our training approach is dynamic and responsive. We incorporate real-life scenarios based on former assessment results and the needs of the facility in question, ensuring that the training is not only theoretical but also practically applicable. This flexibility allows us to address the unique water system designs, usage patterns, and risk profiles of each facility, providing training that is both relevant and impactful.

    You can feel confident that your team is receiving education and guidance that is directly relevant to the specific operational environment. This customised approach not only enhances the effectiveness of Legionella control efforts but also ensures that each facility is equipped with the knowledge to maintain safety and compliance in its unique setting.

    Simplify Legionella Control With Us

    Take the first step towards streamlining your Legionella management with Guardian Hygiene Services. We invite facility management professionals to connect with us and explore how our tailored training courses can enhance your approach to Legionella control across anything from one building to an entire portfolio. 

    Discover the ease and effectiveness of managing Legionella risks when prepared with the right knowledge and skills. Contact us today.

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