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Legionella Risk Assessments For Holiday Lets

Book a Legionella risk assessment for your holiday let to manage the risks of this dangerous bacteria in your hot and cold water systems. If you are a landlord, property manager, or in control of the health and safety of any holiday let, you are legally obliged to prove you have managed the risks of legionella in your water systems.

Guardian Hygiene Services are top providers of Legionella risk assessments that get you legally compliant efficiently and effectively. Get in touch to speak to our specialist advisors or fill out a simple enquiry form to book your assessment.

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    Why Do Holiday Lets in the UK Need Legionella Risk Assessments?

    A Legionella risk assessment comes as part of your duty of care to ensure guests are protected from any dangers in your property during their stay. 

    Legionella bacteria is a risk because of the lung infections it can cause. The most serious is Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia.

    Groups particularly at-risk are:

    • Those suffering from chronic diseases
    • Those with diabetes, lung and heart disease
    • Those over the age of 45
    • Smokers and heavy drinkers
    • Anyone with an impaired immune system

    The bacteria is commonly found in any water system, natural or artificial. It only becomes a danger when large colonies are allowed to form because of the following conditions:

    • Stagnancy: When water is allowed to sit in storage tanks or pipework for long periods of time without a degree of water flow, this gives Legionella the chance to proliferate. This can be a problem for holiday lets in periods where the property is unoccupied
    • Warm temperatures: Between 20 and 45°C, Legionella grows and spreads, making cold water storage tanks at risk in the warmer months
    • Sediment: Any water source can grow sediment, limescale, and other bacteria – all of which are the perfect nutrition for Legionella bacteria growth

    Shower heads, hot and cold water taps, air conditioning units, hot tubs, swimming pools, and anywhere water is stored are all at risk of Legionella.

    Legionella Risk Assessments Are Essential for Swimming Pools

    Legionella Services Are So Trusted

    If a guest contracts Legionnaires’ disease during their stay at your property, you may be required to demonstrate how you have fulfilled ‘general duty of care’ obligations. A Legionella risk assessment and simple control measures will ensure this. 

    While it is possible to carry out an assessment yourself, you need to be certain you can:

    • Navigate your water system including all piping
    • Identify areas with the potential for aerosol release
    • Know where and how to take temperature readings
    • Have the equipment needed to send samples for Legionella testing
    • Follow technical guidance set out in Government documents ACOP L8 and HSG274

    To ensure you and your guests are properly protected against Legionella bacteria, it is safest to get a professional Legionella risk assessment done for you.

    How Our Legionella Risk Assessments Work

    Guardian Hygiene Services employ highly trained, accredited technicians to carry out all Legionella risk assessments across the UK. We are experienced in assessing holiday lets and are always up to date with current legislation. 

    Our assessments consist of physical and administrative checks:

    • A thorough review of previous assessment records and current records (if applicable)
    • A verification of your current Legionella prevention measures
    • A full tour of your water system
    • Water safety checks
    • Water temperature checks

    We collate all findings into a comprehensive report sent to you in PDF format for your records. Our bespoke reporting explains everything we’ve found and what it means, giving you full guidance on any necessary remedial actions.

    For holiday lets, monthly monitoring and maintaining a logbook is not necessary.

    Legionella Testing in Swimming Pools

    If Your Holiday Let Is in Scotland

    If your property’s water supply is fed from town mains or is a private water supply, note that you need to maintain it in compliance with Scottish Environment Protection Agency regulations.

    You should also note that as of 2023, Scotland now legally requires all holiday lets to have a Legionella risk assessment completed before a licence can be issued. We have technicians stationed across Scotland ready to help.

    Legionella Control in Swimming Pools

    Protect Your Holiday Let With an Accredited Legionella Risk Assessment

    Getting a comprehensive Legionella risk assessment for your holiday let from professionals is the easiest way to ensure legal compliance. Protect the safety of your water systems and minimise the risks of outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease with our accredited services. 

    Book yours today for peace of mind.

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